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MP Husky Cable Bus Systems - CSA - UL - Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cable Bus Manufacturers- Designed for both indoor and outdoor use - Field proven for over 45 years to be the most reliable, cost-effective, flexible and maintenance free, low to medium voltage (600V - 69kV), high amperage (1000A - 8000A) power distribution system available. Compared to Non-Segregated Bus Duct and Bar Bus Duct Systems Cable Bus is less expensive, easier to install, maintenance free, and more reliable.

CABLE Bus System Construction

MP Husky is the leading cable bus manufacturer with over 45 years of experience coordinating our aluminum cable bus power distribution systems with many types of both indoor and outdoor applications. MPHusky UL cable bus consists of a fully enclosed & ventilated aluminum cable bus housing and utilizes fully rated factory insulated power cables supported with non-magnetic support blocks. MP Huskys cable support blocks are designed and manufactured to last the life of the system and are utilized to maintain individual cable spacing and provide short circuit bracing of a minimum 100KA RMS Symmetrical Amps. Our factory welded ventilated aluminum alloy enclosure provides a completely protected bus system and is provided in custom lengths, with each housing section sized to fit the specific installation. 90% of our CSA cable bus systems utilize 6063 T6 aluminum, but we also provide stainless steel and Hot Dipped Galvanized After Fabrication steel housings when required. And our extensive custom fabrication capabilities ensure that we can manufacture nearly any special housing, connection or accessory to manage all of your difficult coordination challenges.

Each aluminum cable bus system includes all necessary power cable, equipment connections, flanges, wall entrance seals, fire stops, elbows, offsets, terminal lugs, termination kits, supporting structures and miscellaneous parts. Insulated neutral phase conductors and ground conductors (bare, tin plated, or insulated) are also provided as an option. A complete set of match-marked layout drawings show the location of each section and all accessories.

MP Husky utilizes only the highest quality products, including: Structural 6063 T6 aluminum cable bus housing along with stainless steel tie bolts for our cable support blocks, Burndy two-hole long barrel compression lugs, Nelson fire stops, Raychem or 3M Termination Kits, and high quality conductors that include General, Kerite, Okonite, Pirelli, etc.

Cable Bus

Cable Bus Manufacturers Reliability

There are no other Cable Bus manufacturers with the decades of superior performance,  experience, and engineering expertise of MP Husky.. Engineers, buyers and owners choose Cable Bus manufactured by MP Husky over non-segregated phase bus duct, conduit & wire, and cable in tray due to its higher reliability, lowest cost, greater flexibility and maintenance-free construction. MP husky's cable bus design provides superior reliability by utilizing high quality, continuous run power cables (no splices) that are completely protected in a ventilated metal housing. MPhusky's cable bus system design is not affected by moisture and is ventilated for outdoor and indoor applications, it does not require heater strips or filter breathers that competitive technologies require to try to keep moisture out of their system. Cable Bus systems manufactured by MP Husky are tested and field-proven in some of the most extreme environments and weather conditions including Paper Mills, Fossil Fuel Burning Facilities, Chemical Plants, Mining Facilities, Heavy Salt Environments, Cold Areas (North Canada, Alaska), Hot Areas (Saudi Arabia) and Tropical Areas (Puerto Rico and Nigeria). Our manufacturing capabilities, extensive experience and knowledge with the widest range of applications and environments, along with our superior engineering and design, provides you with a real advantage in reliability and proof of design.

Cable Bus Temp Rating

Cable Bus Cost Savings & Ease of Installation

Typical cost savings realized with MP Husky Cable Bus over competitive technologies such as Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct, Bus Bar Duct, Conduit & Wire, and Cable in Tray range from 15% to 50%+. MP Husky Cable Bus design, which includes our exclusive corrugated and ventilated top and bottom housing, as well as our continuous parallel conductors (no interleaving) throughout the entire run of housing, can save you 10% - 25% over other cable bus systems installation costs.

Our engineered CSA Cable Bus design achieves a free air rating of the power cables; the competition often has to de-rate cables, leading to higher conductor costs of up to 40%. Combine this lower up-front system cost with the easiest installation, and MP Husky's Cable Bus System is the most cost-effective power distribution system available. Easy installation in both indoor and outdoor applications is achieved through our match-marked layout drawings and single phasing arrangement throughout the entire cable bus run. Most of our competitors use multiple phasing arrangements, which requires interleaving cables inside the cable bus housing, creating expensive and confusing installations. MPHusky Cable Bus does not interleave or transpose cables in the UL cable bus housing. MpHusky's Cable Bus housing only weighs 57 lbs./ft., therefore 12 sections can easily be handled by two men without the aid of heavy equipment such as cranes, booms or lifts; and our CSA Cable Bus housing is designed and manufactured with the bottom cable support block factory installed, saving you more on installation costs.

Cable Bus Installation

Cable Bus Flexibility

MP Huskys Cable Bus systems are flexible and adaptable to the many unexpected indoor and outdoor circumstances that occur during construction. Every size and rating of cable bus provided is supplied, free of charge, with up to 5% extra cable as well as one spare length of housing including cover, cable support blocks and hardware. This enables the installer to adjust our cable bus system in the field to accommodate discrepancies or differences between engineering drawings and actual field construction, with little or no delay of the project. MPHusky's compact design and radius bends allows our UL Cable Bus system to maneuver around and fit in the lowest clearance applications.

Cable Bus Flexibility

Cable Bus Short Circuit Bracing

Cable Bus support blocks are spaced every 18 in vertical applications and 36 in horizontal applications. This ensures proper arrangement and spacing, while providing short circuit bracing of 100kA RMS Symmetrical (actual short circuit test certification available). Our support blocks are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or select hard rock maple, Penta coated for preservation, and Hydro coated for fire retardant properties that meet ASTM Class 1 specifications. Bottom support blocks come factory pre-assembled in the bottom section of the housing assembly and corresponding layers of support blocks are then fastened with stainless steel bolts.

Cable Bus Bracing

Engineered Cable Bus Systems

MP Husky Cable Bus is a completely engineered system. You supply the power routing and termination details and we do the rest. MP Huskys experienced and knowledgeable engineers layout and design a custom cable bus system that is specific to your requirements. Our exclusive Inductive Reactance Program is used to design optimum phasing arrangements that minimize losses and imbalance in the system. The Inductive Reactance Calculations cover cable bus impedance values, voltage drop and power loss, which we provide to you as part of our system.

We also offer in-house lab testing for current and special applications, as well as custom fabrication capabilities that can accommodate nearly any coordination challenge. As part of our engineering services, we provide short circuit calculations and actual short-circuit test results, and we also offer heat rise calculations with actual heat rise test results. And we recognize the value of our engineering service goes beyond our design and drawings. Thus, we provide field engineering services prior to and during engineering and construction, as well as during and after project start-up. We rely on building long-term, trustworthy relationships, and thus nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction at all stages of the project is acceptable.

Cable Bus System

Cable Bus Manufacturers and Equipment Coordination

MP Husky has extensive custom fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring that no matter what coordination challenges exist, if the physical space exists to maintain clearances, we can fit our CSA Cable Bus system to whatever needs to be connected. As the worlds leading Cable Bus manufacturer we have built anything from simple box extensions for transformers to 4 feet square by 10 feet tall custom generator termination boxes.

MP Husky cable bus  terminates to transformers manufactured by most manufacturers including, Carte, Northern, ABB, GE and others. We have made custom boxes to make cable terminations where no provisions for such existed, such as generator step-up transformers with 15kV cover mounted bushings intended for overhead substation line termination. We have also coordinated with most major switch gear and MCC manufacturers, from 480V though 35kV, including Arc-Resistant switch-gear. Switch gear Manufacturers include ABB, Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer, Siemens, GE and others.

Cable Bus Manufacturers


MP Husky UL Cable Bus systems are supported according to NEMA Std. VE 2-2000 with standard supports installed 12ft. on center (can also be installed 20ft. on center load test report available when requested). We can supply various structural and trapeze supports, including T-type and wall supports.

Cable Bus Housing Material

  • Standard Bare 6063 T6 Aluminum
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized after Fabrication Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Epoxy Paint

Cable Bus System Components and Accessories

  • Box Connectors
  • Tap Boxes
  • ESF Watertight Seals
  • CEF Watertight Seals
  • Fire stop/Watertight Seals
  • Termination Boxes
  • Termination Kits
  • Long Barrel Compression Lugs
  • Shield Grounding Kits
  • Supports

Cable Bus Applications

  • Cable Bus Voltage & Current Ratings
  • 600V to 69kV, 1000A to 8000A
  • Service Entrance Applications
  • Primary and Secondary Feeders
  • Generators to Transformers
  • Generators to Switch gear
  • Transformers to Switchgear
  • Switch-gear to Switch gear and MCCs
  • MCCs to Large Motors

Cable Bus Special Applications

  • Large Ships
  • Off-Shore
  • Oil Drilling Ships
  • UPS Systems



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