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MP Husky is one of the leading cable tray suppliers in the USA & Canada. MP Husky supplies a broad line of high-quality cable tray systems to the construction, electrical, telecommunications, and datacom industries. MP Husky offers aluminum, fiberglass, mill-galvanized steel, galvannealed, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, painted, and wire mesh cable tray. MP Husky's Cable Tray Systems include:

Cable Tray Systems - Husky Ladder

Husky Ladder Cable Tray Systems: Cable support system constructed from two side rails connected with individual rungs. Husky Ladder provides solid side rail protection, support strength, smooth radius fittings,  and is available in aluminum, mitered fittings, mill-galvanized steel, galvannealed, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, and painted. Ladder Tray provides cable support over medium to long spans.

Cable Tray Systems - Husky Channel

Husky Channel Cable Tray Systems: Cable Support Systems constructed from a solid or ventilated bottom (for applications that generate heat) channel section.  Husky Channel provides cost-effective support for cable drops and branch cable branching off from the backbone cable support system. Channel Cable Trays are ideal for applications where a small amount of cable tray is needed and conduit is not the right alternative. Typically used for single power cable, multiple control cables,  or signal circuit cables that need to be supported over short to intermediate spans.

Cable Tray Systems - Husky Trough

Husky Trough Cable Tray Systems: Cable support system constructed from a ventilated or solid bottom contained between longitudinal side members. Husky Trough allows ventilation, cable support over various support spans with cable support every 4 inches or less. Provided in metallic and nonmetallic materials and typically used for control and instrumentation cables in moderate heat generating applications.

Cable Tray Systems - Husky Single Rail Centray

Husky Centray Cable Tray Systems: Single Rail center-supported Aluminum cable support system for light-duty applications where quick installation is desired.  Economical cable support that saves time for light-duty cable support projects which do not require a traditional dual side rail Quickest cable support system to install, while still providing the most flexibility for cable to enter and exit the system. The typical use for Single Rail Tray is low voltage applications and systems where complete cable freedom,  and side fill, and installation speed are important.

Cable Tray Systems - Husky Way

Husky Cable Way: Easiest and most economical cable support system. Optional covers provide a fully enclosed cable support system. Smooth solid bottoms and covers allow the cable to be hidden from view. 

Fiberglass Cable Tray Systems

Husky Fiberglass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)cable tray systems provide reliable cable support in corrosive applications. Available in polyester and vinyl ester resin with U.V. inhibitors and surface veiling that resists corrosive elements. Husky fiberglass cable tray meets ASTM E-84 flame rating; Polyester 680, Vinyl Ester 1025 Class 1 Flame Rating and self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.

Wire Mesh Wire Basket Cable Tray Systems - Husky EasyConnect

Husky EasyConnect Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems, Wire Basket provides superior support for data comm, telecommunications, and fiber optic cabling. EasyConnect is economical, quick to install, field adaptable, and best suited for light-duty cable support systems. EasyConnect wire mesh cable support systems are available in the following wire mesh material types: zinc plated, painted, and stainless steel.  

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